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Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month.

July 14, 2018

TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.
Jed Shlackman

**NEW location: Niter Laser, 7316 SW 45th Street, Miami 33155**

We will explore applying dowsing for identifying and clearing energy imbalances in ourselves and our environment, and other topics that members may suggest. We will also be discussing future speakers and activities for the coming months. If you have the American Society of Dowsers quarterly journal you can find lots of great resources and examples of how people are using dowsing. Please arrive promptly and let us know if you need any directions to the location for this month's meeting.

We are planning several field trips in the next few months, so stay tuned for the dates and locations.

Everyone receiving our monthly updates is encouraged to share feedback whether you can attend our meeting or not. Please email any input on dowsing topics you'd like to either learn about or teach about. For those who receive the ASD quarterly you are encouraged to look through recent issues and pick an article you feel would be valuable for our group to review.

Don't forget to bring your dowsing tools (rods, pendulums, etc.) and good vibes as well!

2018 Meetings (Email for Any Changes in Location)


When our monthly dowsing group meets at different places or homes, we do an analysis of the host's location.

Each of us will analyze and provide a solution for the host's location to mitigate:

Geopathic stresses
Earth energetics
Radio frequency disturbances
Whatever you would like to share/focus on

Each person will explain their approach and solutions... explain what was done, the results, and how to implement a "cure."

The host is responsible for recording each person’s analysis and solutions. A micro recorder might be a helpful start to putting the results to paper.

You may use any protocol. This will be an opportunity to become more proficient in your current skills, as well as to learn from one another.

Participation at all levels is encouraged, however, newbies may want to observe and learn before presenting. Everyone is encouraged to take written notes or make a video recording of the activities so you can review it between meetings and update your skills.

If anyone needs copies of Diamond Dowsing DVDs for review, please contact Jed (305.926.9611) or Deborah Raskin (786-877-7690)

Anyone looking for tips or guidance for choosing a protocol can contact another member for assistance. Internet offerings are another option.

Please bring your dowsing instruments, charts, pendulums,
rods, bobbers, etc., a notebook and pen.

Be ready to explore!


RSVPs: Jed


Anyone can learn to dowse as long as you have a dedicated interest and a true desire to succeed. It is an acquired skill with proficiency gained through practice and experience. The number of things 'dowsable' is infinite. The dowsing language enables us to access information on any subject, anywhere and at anytime.

We have extra dowsing tools that you may use. Hope to see you there!

What determines which levels of guidance is there for us, and what determines the particular guides we have?

Guidance Sources Include:

Other People
Non-Human Sources
Groups, group soul paths and karma
Shadow Guides

Levels of Guidance:

1. Etheric level
2. Astral
3. The Mental Level
4. The Higher Mental and Soul Level
5. Higher Sources of Guidance


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