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Welcome to the Miami Chapter of Dowsers!

Dowsing is not just about finding water.

Dowsing can be used to find lost objects, people, treasure, energy lines, or for your health and well-being and any number of things. Dowsing is limited only by your imagination.  It is centuries old, there are even drawings in the ancient pyramids in Egypt showing people using dowsing tools.

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miami dowsers

Our First
Max Plank Award
for excellence in Field Work was presented to:
J. Robert Barnes
Founder of the Miami Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers.
In Gratitude - Miami Chapter

Robert barnes Dowser Award

Left to right: Sushila Oliphant, Carol Williams (Chapter President), Richard Medlock,
Robert Barnes, Jed Shlackman, Phillip McKinnon

Robert Barnes Dowsers Award

Richard Medlock, Robert Barnes and Jed Shlackman

Personal Benefits for joining our group:

  • Enhance personal confidence
  • How to improve and develop existing relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Develop problem solving techniques
  • Learn to develop positive family relationships
  • How to get a better job
  • How to make the right decisions
  • Understanding earth energies
  • How to find lost objects
  • How to take back your power
  • Finding the right love relationship
  • How to access the inner truths hidden within you
  • Learn to access the truth
  • Understanding the nature of the Universe

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